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Sugarcane Pulp Plate Making Machine

  • Sugarcane Pulp Plate Making Machine
  • YIDAFA Sugarcane Pulp Plate Making Machine
  • Sugarcane Pulp Plate Making Machine

sugarcane pulp plate making machine


paper plates machine

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Our company is a professional paper pulp and making equipment manufacturer in China.We have the whole production line that can convert sugarcane bagasse to pulp board and then make bio-degradable paper plates.Sugarcane bagasse plate production line is used for making paper plate from sugarcane bagasse.This is the real bagasse paper plate making machine.Its raw material is bagasse , not wood pulp board. It includes pulping sytem , plate making machine and related equipments. It is energy-efficient,safe and eco-friendly. It is very popular all around the world. In this field, we take a leading position in China.The advancement of bagasse plate. The traditional paper plate is made of wood pulp boar, foam material etc.But with the development of society, it is our common sense that making the sustainable use of natural resources is becoming more important.Bagasse plate is disposable , and its raw material is cheap. So there is big market for disposable bagasse paper plate.

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