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Can poor-quality toilet paper cause cancer? OMG

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Can poor-quality toilet paper cause cancer? OMG

Can poor-quality tissues cause cancer? OMG

Paper towels are daily necessities, whether in the toilet or at the dining table, they cannot do without paper towels. Although some paper towels look white and clean, they actually contain a lot of harmful substances. In order to reduce costs, many unscrupulous businesses will add a large amount of industrial talc or whitening agent to paper towels. Long-term exposure will cause normal cell variability and even cause cancer.

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What harm does the use of low-quality tissues bring to the body?

1. Easy to cause leukemia

After research, it was found that long-term use of low-quality tissues can change blood, lymph fluid, and cell protoplasts. After researching most children with leukemia, the cause of the disease is related to the use of too many white paper towels that are harmful to the body.

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2. Increase the risk of cancer

Adding too many fluorescent agents and bleaching agents to low-quality tissues are harmful substances, which will affect the circulatory system, reproductive function and metabolic function, while weakening the immune system, even increasing the risk of cancer, and accelerating the proliferation of cancer cells. Studies have found that people who often use white contaminated paper have a risk of breast cancer as high as 7 times or more.

3. Affect fetal development

Long-term use of low-quality tissues paper can also affect people's reproductive system, reduce the quality of male sperm, cause spontaneous abortion in pregnant women, and even cause fetal malformations.

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4. Make children mentally disabled

Inferior paper towels contain a lot of harmful substances such as fluorescent agents and bleaching agents, which will affect the development of the fetus, lead to stunted baby development, and even lead to mental disability.

5. Affect the visual system

There are too many harmful substances in low-quality tissues, which will damage the eyesight to varying degrees, and even cause cataracts. In general, the resistance of the elderly, children and pregnant women is weak. Long-term exposure to the bleach and fluorescent agents in low-quality tissues will adversely affect the visual system.

6. Affect heart health

Harmful substances in poor-quality tissues can affect the cardiovascular system, causing patients to suffer from insomnia, palpitations, and menstrual disorders. In addition, it will also cause people to have bradycardia, reduce stroke blood volume, cause sinus arrhythmia, reduce the number of white blood cells, and even reduce immune function.

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How can I choose high-quality paper towels?

1. Look at the structure of impurities on the surface of toilet paper

All toilet paper looks flat and white, with almost no impurities adhering to it. In fact, it is because the light is not strong, so you can't see the impurities in it. You might as well use a flashlight to illuminate a layer of toilet paper, you will find toilet paper problems under strong light. Generally, good quality toilet paper has less impurities and small holes, while rough toilet paper has many porous materials on the surface.

2. Look at the toughness when stretching

Most toilet paper has a certain degree of toughness, which can be felt when pulled. However, the toughness of toilet paper of different quality is also very different. Good quality toilet paper is not easy to be torn, and it has good ductility when stretched. Try not to buy toilet paper that tears as soon as possible.

3. Look at the color of the ashes after burning

You can tear off a small piece of toilet paper and put it in a container to burn. The ashes of good quality toilet paper will appear white-gray after burning. If the color of the ashes is gray-black, it means that a lot of harmful substances are added to the toilet paper.

Family Doctor's Message

Don't choose inferior toilet paper for temporary cheapness. When buying toilet paper, look for the manufacturer's name, address, phone number, and expiry date, etc., and try to choose toilet paper produced by big brands.


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