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Build Our Own Toilet Paper Manufacture Industry

Views: 19     Author: James Gao     Publish Time: 2021-07-17      Origin: Site

Why do People need to buy enough toilet paper around the world?


1. In western countries, there is no dishcloth in the kitchen, and all they use to clean the kitchen is kitchen paper. Therefore, if there is no paper towel to clean the kitchen, imagine what the kitchen will be like in westerners' home after a month of isolation, so they will fight for toilet paper.

2. Panic is also contributing to the rush on toilet paper. The sight of empty shelves and people buying toilet paper, combined with videos posted on social media, has caused some panic among locals.

3.Most important,western countries has closed most of paper factories.Paper Industry is an old traditional business.It needs a lot of water supply, power supply and wood supply. Strict environment policy has stopped many businessman from building paper factories .So most of the time, EU, USA or Australia import toilet paper from China or other countries.With the coming of the epidemic, most of the shipping cost has been rised too much.This leads to the higher price of toilet paper .


How to make toilet paper business around the EU or USA?

If you build one paper factory in EU or USA, you will find it difficult.Expensive labor force,strong enviroment protest and higher cost of land.Come on. These things has killed many industry in Western Countries.When the epidemic is coming, Strong EU or USA can not do anything just like East Asia.So if EU or USA want to compete with East Asia, you must return to the Industry Age.



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