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20TPD Tissue Paper Making Plant Machinery

The crescent former tissue machine is the leading type of high-speed tissue machine in the world and is also considered the best. It has many advantages:
1) High speed and large production capacity. Usually the speed is 1000-2200 m/min, and the production capacity is 50-220 tons/day;
2) Fast and uniform dehydration;
3) High fiber retention rate and good paper quality;
4) The life of the net and blanket is long;
5) Compared with the cylinder former toilet paper machine, the structure is simple, the operation is convenient, and fewer operators are needed.
The most prominent advantages of the crescent former tissue machine are high speed, large capacity and good paper quality. Generally suitable for large toilet paper mills. Judging from the quality indicators such as the softness and bulk of the product, the crescent former toilet paper machine, especially the model with double headbox structure, has advantages over the vacuum cylinder type paper machine and is more suitable for producing high-grade paper machines. tissue paper.
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20 tons per day Tissue Production Line

This production line is mainly consisted of paper pulping system and Jumbo tissue roll making machine.
  1. The pulping system is a process in which raw materials, such as waste books, paper, edge bleaching straw pulp board, bleaching wood pulp board, etc., are processed into fibrous water suspension which meets the requirements of paper making, and then sent to the paper machine by the flow system to meet the requirements of use

    Paper machine is to meet the paper making requirements of the pulp water suspension by the filter dehydration forming, mechanical extrusion dehydration and drying process then making into paper. The use of raw materials are: waste paper, old newspaper and white waste paper edges and so on. It can produce toilet paper, facial tissue paper, napkin paper, drawing paper and so on. The machine with reliable quality, stable performance, easy operation, energy saving and environmental protection, paper making machine is the ideal product in machinery field.

    tissue paper machine (4) tissue paper machine (5)_副本 tissue paper machine (7)_副本 tissue paper machine (8)_副本 tissue paper machine (1)

Tissue Paper Making Machine Technical Specification:

1. Main Product:

Toilet paper, napkin paper and drawing and so on

2. Grammage:


3. Equipment form

The inversion of slurry

4. Capacity:

40~50 Tons per day

5. Raw paper width:


6. Design speed:


7. Transmission speed:


8. Dynamic balancing speed:


9. Roller balance:

G2.5 class

10. Dryer balance:

C4 class

11. Winding paper roll:

C1.6 class

12. Transmission mode:

Ac motor frequency control of motor speed digital distribution transmission

13. Arrangement mode:

Right or left arrangement(selected by the user)

14. Gauge:


15.Large equipment 1

Dryer cylinder:Ø3500mm×1 set

16.Large equipment 2

Cylinder mould:Ø3000 mm×1set

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